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Don Winn's Cardboard Box Adventures Radio Show, broadcasting on Podfire Radio, is all about raising readers through fostering imagination, developing a love of story, and embracing learning diversity.

Join Don Winn for a new Cardboard Box Adventures radio show each month as he discusses tips, topics, and inspirations that will help parents and educators in their quest to raise readers. The show is broadcast monthly on Podfire Radio. See below for links to archived shows. Links to individual shows will be added as soon as they are available.


The Gift of Reading

How can parents  instill a love of reading and appreciation for the value it brings to our lives when kids are still too young to read? What about later, when kids are busy with phones and electronics and reading tends to fall by the wayside? Jade West and I discuss different ways to give the gift of reading to kids and teach them to treasure it.


Interview With an Audio Book Narrator

Listening to books can be a real inroad into the heart of the challenged reader—audio books can help dispel negative emotions these readers associate with the idea of reading for pleasure. Join me as I interview Stephen Marsden, PhD., retired educator and voice over artist, and discover what goes into the process of narrating audio books.


Reading and Mixed Motor Messages

How can parents and teachers use awareness of their child's dominant hand to help dyslexic and struggling students learn to read? You will be amazed at how much little things can matter in the quest to educate the struggling reader as I interview educator Judy Therrien, who has been helping struggling readers for over 50 years.


Preschoolers and Pre-literacy

Why is it so important to lay a solid pre-literacy foundation for children before they begin learning to read? Find out as I interview Dr. Blanche Podhajski, president of the Stern Center for Language and Learning, and developer of Building Blocks for Literacy, a play-based program you can use to help your children get ready to read!


Helping Reluctant Readers

How can parents and teachers help reluctant readers learn to love stories enough to motivate them to learn to read well? What is a hero of self-reference, and how can such heroes help? Join me as I interview teacher and librarian, Kristine Hall, as we discuss how using books like the Sir Kaye series can help reluctant readers learn to love to read.


Interview with Illustrator Dave Allred

Why do illustrations have such an impact on  our emotions? How does one become an illustrator? What does it mean to one illustrator in particular, Dave Allred, illustrator of my picture book, Superhero, among many others, to be able to draw for a living? How can illustrations help reluctant  and struggling readers learn to love to read?


Explicit Multi-sensory Literacy

66% of students fail to reach grade proficiency in reading by the 4th grade. Guests Henry Sinclair Sherrill and Peggy Price describe explicit, multi-sensory literacy as well as early literacy skill-building techniques that benefit children from birth to kindergarten through a research-based professional development program called BUILDING BLOCKS FOR LITERACY®.



Why is it that some parents choose homeschooling? How does it work for kids with dyslexia or ADD? Can it really lay the foundation for future success? Join me as I sit down with homeschooled kids, their parents, and even graduates who are taking on college and the workforce. Find out why over one million kids in the US are homeschooled today.



Over 55,000 kids in America have committed suicide in the last 7 years due to bullying. Guests  Amanda M. Thrasher, the award-winning author of The Greenlee Project, and Kirk Smalley, from the organization Stand for the Silent, discuss the harsh realities of bullying and how parents, teachers, and kids themselves can turn the tide on bullying.


Social and Emotional Help for Kids with Dyslexia

Social and emotional support helps kids with dyslexia succeed in school and in life.  Academy Award-winning director, Peggy Stern, discusses how her great new web series, The Super d! Show, provides this support. And get a glance behind-the-scenes as I interview some of the dyslexic students who star in the show.