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The Cardboard Box Adventures Radio Show!

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By fostering imagination, developing a love of story, and embracing learning diversity.

Check out the Cardboard Box Adventures radio show hosted by Don Winn and broadcast on Podfire Radio.

Join Don Winn for a new show each month as he discusses tips, topics, and inspirations that will help parents and educators in their quest to raise readers.

See below for links to archived shows.

February 2017 Broadcast

Topic: Social and Emotional Help for Kids with Dyslexia

How can we help kids with dyslexia and attention issues succeed in school and life? One key is social and emotional learning. It helps to know you're not alone. Join me for a conversation with Peggy Stern, an Academy Award-winning director and producer, to talk about her great new web series called The Super d! Show. We'll also get a glance behind-the-scenes through conversations with some of the dyslexic students who star in the show.

March 2017 Broadcast

Topic: Bullying

Did you know that over 55,000 kids in America have committed suicide in the last 7 years due to bullying? Join me for my next Cardboard Box Adventures radio show with guests Amanda M. Thrasher, the award-winning author of The Greenlee Project, and Kirk Smalley, from the organization, Stand for the Silent. Don't miss our discussion of the harsh realities of cyberbullying and bullying and how parents, teachers, and kids themselves can turn the tide on bullying.

April 2017 Broadcast

Topic: Homeschooling

Join us for our next Cardboard Box Adventures show as I take on the unique cultural phenomenon of homeschooling. Why do parents choose homeschooling? How does it work for kids with dyslexia or ADD? Can education at home really lay the foundation for future success? Join us as we sit down with homeschooled kids, their parents, and even graduates who are taking on college and the workforce. Find out why over one million kids in the US are homeschooled today. This is a show you won’t want to miss.

Check out the archived show at: Coming Soon (after April 7, 2017)

May 2017 Broadcast

Topic: Explicit, Multi-sensory Literacy

On my next Cardboard Box Adventures show, I'll discuss Multi-Sensory Literacy. A staggering 66% of students fail to reach grade proficiency in reading by the 4th grade. My guests Henry Sinclair Sherrill and Peggy Price will describe the early literacy skill-building techniques that benefit children from birth to kindergarten through a research-based professional development program called BUILDING BLOCKS FOR LITERACY®.  Coupled with multi-sensory literacy, we can help to turn the tide on this tragic statistic. This is a show you won’t want to miss.

Check out the archived show at: Coming Soon (after May 7, 2017)